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Sleep helps restore your brain

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Sleep helps restore your brain. Without sleep, your brain function declines and ages faster. The question has always been, why? But I just read a study that might… Read More »

Miranda Kerr Stays In Model Shape With Dr. Sears’ PACE Express

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In 12 Minutes, Miranda Kerr Stays In Model Shape With Dr. Sears’ PACE Express In an interview in SELF Magazine and on FOX News, Miranda… Read More »


New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year to you and your family. As the New Year begins, you may be thinking of making the same resolution I make each year. I want… Read More »


Runners High

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There goes another one… Yesterday morning, as I left my office building to walk across the parking lot to  our new building, I saw a runner. I see… Read More »


Does PACE only burn sugar?

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Dear Dr. Sears: I got the P.A.C.E. book, but when I wanted to start working out using P.A.C.E., my personal trainer told me you’ve got it all wrong…. Read More »


Real Strength You Can Use

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Thinking of buying one of those exercise machines you see advertised? They make great towel racks but few people stick with them. The movements they force you into… Read More »

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Here’s What I Drink Instead

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It doesn’t matter how healthy or thin you are, reaching for a sugary drink is still dangerous for your heart. Four times as dangerous as not drinking one…. Read More »


Meat-Eaters Don’t Get Fat

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I always wanted to meet the Masai tribe in Kenya. During my first trip to Africa – when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro – I wasn’t able to spend… Read More »


My Favorite Herb for Natural Pain Relief

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Have you heard about the herb kava? It was banned in Europe, and now people are afraid of it. It was used in high doses as a tranquilizer,… Read More »

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Can Beer Make Your Brain Better?

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Have you heard that beer makes your brain better? We already know that moderate amounts of beer can reduce the chance of heart disease by 41% and even… Read More »